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Growing up in a family whose gatherings always centered around the kitchen, I learned to cook at an early age.  I’ve been working in restaurants, part-time or full-time, since I was 14 years old.  I’ve worked with every kind of cuisine there is, but my favorite is BBQ.  I’ll bet I’ve worked in more smokehouses than many people have visited.  ?  This experience has taught me a lot, but the most valuable is the importance of good friends—and good food in bringing people together.

That’s why I developed these products.  I wanted to share with everyone these unique and versatile tools to enjoy their kitchens, grills and smokers.  Let the party gather at your house as it always has at mine.

Our marinade started off when I was in college.  My roommate and I were experimenting with the minimal random ingredients that were in our bachelor pad’s kitchen.  I worked on it over the years until it evolved into MarcoPollo All Purpose Marinade.

The BBQ and Dry Rub are an amalgam of all I learned at the different smokehouses I worked in as my wife and I traveled the country.  And LargoRado BBQ Sauce and BrainRub Dry Rub/Chili Powder were born. 

After traveling, we settled in Key West where our son was born; he was cooking alongside us in no time.  In 2012, now in Key Largo, we finally made the move to bring Senor Pelon into being with the first three products above.

MojoSecado Island Spice Blend came along when one of the Florida Keys restaurants I supplied with BrainRub for their pulled pork and ribs asked me for something that would work with pork so he could make a “Southern Cuban” sandwich.

Limanero Key Lime Orange Habanero hot sauce was developed when a local Florida Keys retail vendor asked if I could make a key lime hot sauce. “No one makes a really good one,” she said.  We experimented and got friends, family, and customer feedback for about 6 months before finalizing the recipe you’ll enjoy.

Our sauces and seasonings represent a variety of flavors and complement each other quite well.  There is a world of diversity in these five products.  They can enhance your enjoyment of any protein as well as vegetables.  They can also be used to make dressings, aiolis and more.

Check out our website, Face Book, and Instagram for recipes, stories, and photos of our community of cooks and food lovers enjoying what you can do, too.


We want to bring a variety of flavors to your food and make cooking simpler and easier with products that are free of chemical preservatives and all natural.  We strive to make our products low-sodium, low sugar / sugar free, low carb / no carb, and low fat / fat free.

Treat Your Meat (and all your food!) Right!

Our products are made by us in Key Largo, FL and by Stage Coach Sauces in Daytona Beach, FL

What is the Señor Pelon Difference?

Premium Quality

Good Food starts with Good Ingredients.  We look for high quality, all natural ingredients for all our sauces & seasonings.

Ready to Use

Our versatile Sauces & Seasonings will add flavor and bring out the savory goodness in all of your meals.  Open some Señorliciousness today!

100% Natural Ingredients

No chemical preservatives or artificial flavors.

Creative Ideas

We are constantly in the kitchen coming up with new ideas and recipes.  We love to hear your ideas, too! Share your recipes with us.

Save Time

Using our sauces & seasonings is quick and easy.  They will be the hit at any party.

Fun Facts

Many of our products are low sugar / sugar free, low fat / fat free, low sodium, and/or low carb / no carb.  Check our FDA panels on the product pages for details.

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Cuban Seasoning Spice BlendCuban Seasoning Spice Blend

MojoSecado Island Spice Blend


A twist on tradition: This is a deconstructed Mojo Marinade made into a Dry Spice Blend with notes of garlic, onion, and citrus that is truly a taste of the Islands.  Ingredients include a Variety of Herbs & Spices, Black Pepper, Citric Acid, Orange Zest, Granulated Garlic, Dehydrated Minced Onion, Lime Juice Powder, Sugar, Lemon Peel Powder, and Kosher Salt.  0 Calories, Fat-Free, Low Sodium, Less than 1 gram of Carbs, Sugar-Free, No MSG, No Gluten, All Natural.

See Nutritional Panel for more information.

Dry Rub Chili PowderDry Rub Chili Powder

BrainRub Dry Rub/Chili Powder


Inspired by flavors from Colorado to the Caribbean, this versatile Spice Blend gets its unique flavor from an Assortment of Dried Chili Peppers mixed with various spices and herbs including Granulated Garlic, Dried Cumin Seed, and Sea Salt. Fat Free, 2 Carbs, Sugar-Free, No MSG, No Gluten All Natural

See Nutrition Panel for more Information

All Purpose Marinade Asian ItalianAll Purpose Marinade Asian Italian

MarcoPollo All Purpose Marinade


I originally designed this Zesty, Tangy, Full-Flavored marinade to go with chicken but also goes very well with pork, beef, veggies…, well, everything, really.  Built from traditional Asian and Italian Spice Palettes, it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser.  Ingredients include Canola Oil, Soy Sauce, Salt, Wine Vinegar, Key Lime Juice, Onion, Garlic, Honey, Ground Mustard, Black Pepper, Italian Herbs, Crushed Red Pepper, and other Spices.  1 Carb, Less than 1 gram Sugar, Contains Wheat & Soy See Nutrition Panel for more Information

Music for your Mouth!

Key Lime Habanero SauceKey Lime Habanero Sauce

Limanero Key Lime Habanero Sauce


Born in Key Largo, our Key Lime and Orange Habanero Hot Sauce is Full of Flavor and Zing for just about Everything!  The main ingredient is Key Lime Juice, but it also has Orange Habanero, Red Wine Vinegar, Celery, Carrots, Onions, Tomato Paste, Garlic, Olive Oil, and other Spices.  0 Calories, Fat-Free, Low Sodium, No-Carb, Sugar-Free, No MSG, No Gluten, All Natural.

See Nutritional Panel for more information.

Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce LargoRado BBQ Sauce

LargoRado BBQ Sauce


This balanced but feisty sauce that I developed over years of working in kitchens and smokehouses from Out West to Key West is a great condiment that will add Sweet Heat to all your BBQ Meats.  Ingredients include Tomato Paste, Brown Sugar, Worcestershire Sauce, Cider Vinegar, Salt, Ground Mustard Seed, Chili Powder, Cayenne Pepper, Lemon Concentrate, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder.  Fat Free, Low Sodium, All Natural, Contains Soy See Nutrition Panel for more Information

Senor Pelon Vinyl Sticker


Show the world you’ve joined the Pelon Nation with this high-quality, weather resistant vinyl sticker.

Bright, tropical colors with a flame-grilled background.

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