Brian DoughertyThe website I’ve been telling my friends for years that I would build is finally live. What you see now is just the beginning. This site will grow as Señor Pelon and his following grow. There will be recipes, pictures and videos to instruct you how to create the Perfect BBQ.

Eventually I will release many more sauces and such, but I have decided to start with three: my LargoRado BBQ Sauce, my MarcoPollo Marinade, and to tie it all together, my BrainRub Chili Powder/Dry Rub. I call it my BBQ Holy Trinity. Using these condiments, and this website, you can be the envy of your friends!

“Why should I listen to this guy?” you might ask…. Well, allow me to retort!

I’ve been working in restaurants most of my life, since I was 14, full-time or part-time, and I’ve held every position from dishwasher to manager. I’ve worked in restaurants all across the country from smokehouses to seafood, American to Cuban to Italian, fast food to fine dining, and everywhere in between. My wife and I have been residents of the Keys, off and on, since 1996 working in more bars and restaurants than we can count! Our son was born in Key West in 2000 and by now has more restaurant experience than most restaurant managers 😉 .

Now, I’m no chef, but I love to cook. Cooking is fun and something to share with friends and family.
There’s a reason why any get-together in my house ends up with most of us in the kitchen pitching in and sharing ideas. I want to reach out and share that tradition with you. So, moving forward…..

I would love to see your pictures and recipes as you experiment with my line of sauces and seasonings. Send them to me, either on this website, by email or Face Book. I’ll post them everywhere I can and give you all the credit. Make sure to include a picture of your masterpiece and even a picture of you!

My goal is to help the average cook find their way to great barbecue and more. Together, we can come up with some amazing recipes to wow your friends and family.





(aka Brian P. Dougherty)