BrainRub Dry Rub/Chili Powder


Inspired by flavors from Colorado to the Caribbean, this versatile Spice Blend gets its unique flavor from an Assortment of Dried Chili Peppers mixed with various spices and herbs including Granulated Garlic, Dried Cumin Seed, and Sea Salt. Fat Free, 2 Carbs, Sugar-Free, No MSG, No Gluten All Natural

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Rub your Meat!


Adds Great Medium Heat & Flavor to Many of your Favorite Dishes.


Suggested Uses: Smoking Pork or Beef, in Chili, Blackening Fish. Seafood, Beef, Pork, Poultry, Vegetables, Rice, French Fries, Chips, Popcorn, even as a Rim for Bloody Mary’s!

Just sprinkle on your favorite food!

Use this seasoning as a Dry Rub for barbecue or when Smoking Meats of all kinds and in chili.  Make it your secret weapon in your Pitmaster or Chili Cookoff Adventures.  It stands on its own but also pairs well with our LargoRado BBQ Sauce for added depth. And, it gives seafood tacos and salsas a surprising Zing!  Mix it with brown sugar for Sweet Heat on Bacon and Pork Chops.  Check out our recipe pages for more details.

It’s also Keto friendly with 0 g sugar and only 2 g carbs per serving!


Premium Quality:
Good Food starts with Good Ingredients.  We look for high quality, all natural ingredients for all our sauces & seasonings.

Save Time:

Using our sauces & seasonings is quick and easy.  They will be the hit at any party.

Our Philosophy:

We want to bring a variety of flavors to your food and make cooking simpler and easier with products that are free of chemical preservatives and all natural.  We strive to make our products low-sodium, low sugar / sugar free, low carb / no carb, and low fat / fat free.

Treat Your Meat (and all your food!) Right!


Our products are made by us in Key Largo, FL and by Stage Coach Sauces in Daytona Beach, FL


Cooks and Food Lovers:

Our sauces and seasonings represent a variety of flavors and complement each other quite well.  There is a world of diversity in these five products.  They can enhance your enjoyment of any protein as well as vegetables.  They can also be used to make dressings, aioli’s and more.


Check out our website, Facebook, and Instagram for recipes, stories, and photos of our community of cooks and food lovers enjoying what you can do, too.

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